This is Your Very Best Manifesting Tool


Oracle Cards are a Super-Link to Co-Creating and Manifesting!

Oracle cards are often mistaken for “fortune telling” devices, but in truth, they are a powerful tool in co-creating your reality with Spirit as your manifesting partner.

First off, let’s explore what an oracle actually is. The actual word comes from Latin “oraculum” then from “orare” which means “to speak, pray” (Merriam Webster).

It is known as an intermediary between the mundane world (ours) and the spiritual (Spirit/Universe/Source etc.). An oracle can be a person that gives you a message of wisdom from the divine, (like me) but it is also a medium through which to communicate directly with Spirit, your higher self, and your inner knowing and that can bypass your subjective truth that only comes from the experience and memory, desires and wants of your small self. It uses symbolic language to talk to you.


Oracle cards act as that medium. And, did you know that oracles have been around for thousands of years going all the way back to early goddess culture in Paleolithic and Neolithic times? They work the same way today as they did then!

Imagine you look into a mirror and want to see yourself. In an ordinary mirror, all you will see is what your five senses and memory allows you to see. You see yourself as separate from everything else reflected in the mirror. You cannot see anything beyond this.

If you can imagine that working with oracle cards, with the intention to see what you cannot see, is like looking into a magical mirror where you see the web of creation, all that influences you, even the direction you’re heading in unawares.

Working with Oracle cards supports what you know at a deeper level beyond the ordinary, points the way forward and gives good wise counsel about how to take the next right action towards your intentions and deepest desires for the highest good.

Oracle cards reflect your purpose too because they are a hyperlink to Spirit. Remember Spirit is indwelling within you and everywhere you look. The world is ensouled and Spirit is the spark of all life, a Divine Intelligence that reaches all throughout the Universe and beyond.

When you are deliberate about co-creating your best life with conscious awareness of that partnership your dialog will always be for the highest good. You will tune into the magic of the world and find yourself more often than not in awe of how the invisible world, the formless world comes to life in ways, you could never have imagined.

You will become a master at manifesting when your focus is co-creating with Spirit, working with the yearnings of your soul and what inspires you rather than trying to make something real from what you lack and what you want.

Oracle cards can be your very best manifesting tool! You just need to learn the right way to use them.

This week’s oracle card guidance and lesson brought us 4 goddesses who symbolically represent the overarching energy of the week but one, in particular, jumped out to write about. Spider Woman who, in every cultural myth she is found, from Pre-Columbian, Pre-Toltec civilizations, Mayan, and Southwestern Native American represents the process of co-creation. She weaves the world into being from the red earth (which represents material reality) but from her own central creative force- the essence of Source that resides within her. The essence of her meaning is that we have what we need inside us, that link to the Divine, to our souls and to a way to choose our highest good. That said her weaving represents the fact that we are always co-creating no matter what our motive. And we know deep down when we are in or out of alignment by what we see in our outer world and the results of our actions, reaction, continuous thoughts feelings and beliefs.

So how do we get clear about our motives for manifesting? A simple prayer really helps.

Make me a channel for divine creativity and co-creation. Thy will be done through me for the highest good. Let there be Light, illuminating what I must heal in the shadows. Show me the way so that all may benefit. And so it is, blessed be.”

I pulled a card just now and got Nyx, the goddess of secrets and the night. We don’t need to know “the how” that the miracles of manifestation happen, we need the faith to know they will.

So now it’s your turn to step into the magic! Pick your own cards (you can try out the Goddess Power Oracle for free on my website) and open up the possibilities that you can create for yourself alongside the Universe, your ultimate manifesting partner.

With Love and Laughter,

Colette Baron-Reid is an internationally acclaimed psychic medium celebrated by clients across the globe who fondly refer to her as “The Oracle”. A best-selling author in 27 languages, and the star of the hit TV series, Messages from Spirit (VisionTV), Colette was voted one of the 100 most spiritually influential people in 2013 & 2014 (Watkins List). You can often find Colette with her husband and three fluffy Poms hanging out at their farm or riding their Harley’s.