Harness the powers of your subconscious mind


Harness the powers of your subconscious mind, teach it to be subservient to your conscious mind and watch your life turn into a big miracle.

” It is our beliefs that create our reality. Start believing in all positive realities and watch the stress fly away.”

A belief is a thought in your mind. Believe in your subconscious, to heal and strengthen you. Do not harbor resentment and hatred, allow the beauty of the world to infiltrate your mind and let life be a beautiful ride.


If your mental screen is full of fears, worries, anxiety and lack, and if you are doubtful and cynical, then the quality of your mental building blocks will harbor tensions, anxiety and limitations.


The most fundamental activity of a human being is his thoughts. You need to guide these constantly and consciously. Although the world of thoughts is a silent world , yet it is very real. You can build radiant health, success and happiness just by thinking that way.

Your mind of course is inevitably your most prized possession and there are two levels to it.

1. The Conscious Rational Level

2. The Subconscious Irrational level


These are not two minds, they are just two spheres of the mind.



It is the reasoning mind. It helps make all our decisions


This is the creative mind. The seat of all the emotions. Once it accepts an idea, it executes it. It works alike on positive and negative belief systems.

The subconscious mind is independent of conscious control and carries on with all activities which are natural to our behaviors. Accepts whatever is impressed on it by the conscious mind. It responds to thoughts of the conscious mind whether they are positive or negative, good or bad, true or false.

For example, if our conscious mind decides something is true, even though it’s not, the subconscious mind will bring results according to this assumed truth, because you have consciously assumed it.

Many times hypnotists make suggestions to a patient and he follows them completely and behaves accordingly.

Therefore we need to understand that all stress levels are self created and hence there is the importance of selecting thoughts and ideas that heal, bless and inspire and give us joy.


This is essential. There is a reservoir of infinite intelligence within us. This gives us access to receiving new ideas, new thoughts and inventions, new modes of arts and creative thinking.


This gives you an insight into a new dimension of knowledge. It opens the way for you to perfect expression and a true place in your own life.


This actually propels you towards an amazingly perfect life. You can attract whatever you want through your infinite positive thought potential, the right partner, the right business associate and even the will to go for your hearts desire.


The curative power of the subconscious heals, makes people strong and propels them to abundance, security and joy.


You need to believe in belief itself. Stop accepting false beliefs, superstitions and fears that plague the human mind. Pray scientifically and effectively. Fill your mind with concepts of harmony, peace and goodness. Wonders will start happening in your life.


You basically need to recognize the conscious and subconscious nature of the mind. Once you understand it completely, you can conquer it and harness it to use it to your advantage.


When your mind thinks correctly , you understand the truth, the thoughts in your mind are constructive, harmonious and peaceful. Magic works and brings everything of ultimate value into your life.

Renee Singh
Renee Singh is a counselor, therapist, entrepreneur and management guru and is a sought after authority in maximizing human awareness and potential. Poet, author, columnist, a T.V. show presenter, she is also the mentor of the motivational company. “Mind Power” that has been delivering a message of motivation, success and personal fulfillment for decades. Born in a Zamidar family in Dehradun (India), being close to nature has always been a priority. One of the pioneers in organic farming. She has been facilitating many seminars in this field in Delhi and Kerela and ran her own organic farm for many years. She believes that we are spiritual beings come to planet earth for a physical experience. Her tremendous sense of adventure has made her venture from running a garment export house, bringing in a mineral water company with a Canadian collaboration and being the C.E.O. of a liscensed product company called MSM Product with an office in L.A. Finally setting into her true passion of counseling and therapy she has started.